Membership Pricing 2024

Garner Swim & Recreation Club membership is available to everyone. We are happy to offer different membership levels and online payment options. Returning Members will generally renew via an email invoice but can also rejoin below. All 2024 memberships expire on May 15th, 2025, and must be renewed for the 2025 season. Please note that children under the age of two as of 5/31/2024 are free.

Family Membership


Four to six people living at the same house address may be on account. Only those with names on account can access the pool. Any family members that exceed the 6th person can be added to the membership at $50/person.

Price: $609.00

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Family of 3 Membership


If you're joining with three people sharing the same house address? This is the membership for you.

Price: $499.00

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Double Membership


If you are joining with you and another adult or child, this is the membership for you...

Price: $409.00

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Single Membership


If you are joining as an individual, this is the membership for you..

Price: $309.00

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What’s Next After Paying Online?

If you purchased a Membership, you can then sign into the Member Dashboard using the default PIN of 1111 (if you are a first-time member).

From there, you can fill in your Household info, change your PIN, read member-only news, and much more!

Welcome to the club!